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Tax administration in Nigeria 2: Filing & Assessment

  Filing annual returns ensures that a business complies with the requirement of the tax laws. It also ensures that a company gets Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) which is a requirement for government contract bidding in Nigeria. Failure to file annual returns with the FIRS

Tax Administration in Nigeria

Why is CIT administration important? For one, it ensures that all resident & non-resident companies comply with relevant tax laws & the applicable taxes assessed are collected and used in the country’s development. What is involved in CIT Administration? Companies Income Tax administration involves tax

Calculating Personal Income Tax (PIT)

  PIT Rate PIT rate is applied on a graduated scale and taxable income bands as set out below: Tax Band Tax Rate First N300,000 7 Next N300,000 11 Next N500,000 15 Next N500,000 19 Next N1.6m 21 Above N3.2m 24   How is PIT

What is Personal Income Tax (PIT)?

  What is Personal Income Tax? Personal income tax (PIT) is the tax imposed on the income of individuals, corporate sole or body of individuals, partners in partnership business, trustees or executors of any settlement or estate. Personal income tax in Nigeria is on a

What is Capital Gains Tax (CGT Simplified)

  Today we’ll discuss What CGT is, what assets qualify for CGT, who pays CGT, and the percentage charged. What is Capital Gains Tax? Capital gains tax is charged on the gains arising from disposal of a chargeable asset. So, if Company A buys a

Withholding Tax Simplified

  Withholding tax (WHT) is an advance payment of income tax which may be used to offset or reduce income tax liability or claimed as a refund. It is an advance payment to be applied as tax credit to settle the income tax liability of

VAT: How to calculate VAT as a business owner

The amount remitted to the tax authorities as a business owner is “tax liability”. In this video, we teach you how to calculate VAT as a business owner in Nigeria. Don’t know what VAT is? Check out this video where we explain it. FOLLOW US

VAT: What is Value Added Tax?

Do you know that as a final consumer you pay Value Added Tax (VAT)? In this video, we explain who a final consumer is, what VAT is and why it is charged. Learn the basics of VAT in Nigeria. FOLLOW US on Social Media Linkedin