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Corporate Support Services

Abel Onyeke

Partner, Corporate Support Services

To reach it’s potentials, organisations must continously improve and sustain its performance. With our corporate support services, we will help you achieve that goal. Our solutions are aimed at developing task specialization, role-play capacity, and key performance indicators to promote:

  • Organisational effiency
  • Marketing, data research & statistics
  • Products & services adequacy
  • Administration, finance & ICT
  • Human capital & resource management
  • Clients’ feedback mechanism

At Nexia Nigeria we provide the following Corporate Support Services:

  • Business One-Stop Solutions (BOSS)
  • Corporate governance
  • Accounting
  • Personnel
  • Payroll management
  • Internal audit

Business One-Stop Solutions-“BOSS”

BOSS is a one-stop business solutions “starter-pack” designed for investors who desire to establish business in Nigeria. Our goal is to set you up and going in no time, at minimal cost and without any hitch.

  • Ease and convinience of entry
  • Access to large network of professionals
  • Timely business commencement
  • Low cost of setup
Services include:
  • Business planning & feasibility
  • Virtual Office
  • Immigration permits and licensing
  • Assurance
  • Finance & accounting
  • Tax & compliance
  • Human capital & resource management
  • Legal support, business incorporation and secreterial services
  • Specialized services
Business Planning and Feasibility:

We pride ourselves in our extensive global reach as well as our in-depth knowledge of the local terrain in Nigeria. Our business plan will always take cognisance of the peculiarity of your business and key issues that will grant your success

Virtual Office:

The idea that the office is a specific place where our professional lives happen is becoming less universal, and less important. At Nexia, we provide a virtual office, as a business location that exists on behalf of business owners that are not physically present in the location for diverse reasons including strategic partnerships, cost-optimization, or seasonal nature of services rendered.

Our virtual office allows businesses to operate from any location, defying conventional service boundaries, using technology tools such as laptops, cell phones and internet highway. It provides business with physical office locations and address as well as receptionists, office services(e.g. a conference room) for use by virtual office business owners who do not have or need their own locations. Access to the office would also be via the web space, telephony, etc.

Immigration, Permits & Licensing:

At entry into Nigeria, all issues pertaining to residency, authorizations, complicances, employability and commerce are decidedly resolved by our consulting experts. You will settle in faster and ready to commence business, while we take care of the bureaucratic bottlenecks.


We will provide total statutory compliances support to ensure that company’s financial statements and paper works are properly maintained as required by the enabling laws, your books are in order from the first day.

Finance & Accounting:

Our finance and accounting services are designed to enable our client maintain adequate financial records that guarantee timely financial reporting. We provide you with accounting solutions in budgeting, inventory, payroll as well as financial reporting.

Tax and Compliance:

Our resourceful tax consultants maintain a reliable and professional relationship with all statutory and regulatory bodies in Nigeria, on tax and compliance matter, YOU are in safe hands at Nexia.

Human Capital & Resource Management:

We will address all your immediate requirements for recruitment of skilled personnel, contractual leasing (human and material), vendors and supplieers, training and skills improvement, resource optimization and cost containment, and more.

Legal Support, Business Incorporation and Secretarial Services:

Your business entity will be incorporated with ease and all statutory compliance procedures handled expeditiously by our legal experts. We also provide company secretarial services to handle all your company filings and notifications.

Specialized Services:

At Nexia, we develop dynamic business solutions to meet all your business needs. Our made-to-fit solutions will handle all such needs however peculiar they may be.

Corporate Governance (CG)

This is a set of company’s strategic values, ethics and aims. It is also the leadership needed to put them into effect. At Nexia, we help you conduct:

  • Board induction, re-orientation and appraisal
  • Insider abuse sensitization
  • Graduate Internship scheme and knowledge application


At Nexia, we offer complete accounting solutions to organisations that need to maximize resources and maintain a tidy workforce. Our accounting outsourcing services covers:

  • Book-Keeping
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory
  • Fixed asset management, and
  • Financial reporting

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) service percieves people as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment. We offer the following

  • Skills audit
  • Perfomance monitoring
  • Rewards and compensation adminstration
  • Corporate codes and ethics development
  • Capacity development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Resources & asset Management

Payroll Management

Our payrool management entails the following:

Personnel payroll automation

Wage/allowances benchmarks and harmonization

Deductibles and tax administration(PAYE, etc)

Our internal audit service covers:

  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Internal audit compliance monitoring
  • Capacity development
  • Inventory & assets monitoring
  • Finance and accounts advisory services