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Author: Nexia

A customer-first approach during unprecedented times

Overview The Pandemic has had a significant commercial impact globally, with over 94 percent of the Fortune 1000 feeling the heat of disruptions caused by it. Nigerian businesses have not been exempted from these negative effects. Some organisations have restructured their staff salary and even

VAT: How to calculate VAT as a business owner

The amount remitted to the tax authorities as a business owner is “tax liability”. In this video, we teach you how to calculate VAT as a business owner in Nigeria. Don’t know what VAT is? Check out this video where we explain it. FOLLOW US

VAT: What is Value Added Tax?

Do you know that as a final consumer you pay Value Added Tax (VAT)? In this video, we explain who a final consumer is, what VAT is and why it is charged. Learn the basics of VAT in Nigeria. FOLLOW US on Social Media Linkedin

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell enlightens readers on what it takes to become remarkable leaders. It analyses the experiences of some leaders in order to highlight many of the traits, skills and qualities that have helped them succeed or made