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Making Counts Count

It is that time of the year; when we want to establish how much inventory we would have as at the year-end. From raw materials, work-in-progress, parts and supplies and finished goods, counts would be done. It is however possible for stock count exercises to

Know and Exercise Your Tax Right to Fair Hearing

The Nigerian tax laws provide a taxpayer (individual or corporate) the right to fair hearing as enshrined in the constitution. The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) however has previously been confronted for allegedly undermining this provision and finalising an assessment without allowing tax payers this

Nigeria’s Border Closure – Effects and Implications

The recent closure of the Nigerian land borders by the Federal Government came as a shock to Nigerians and neighbouring countries. This temporary policy is said to be the first of many steps towards curbing the smuggling of goods, especially rice, and the illegal movement

Nexia Day 2018

#CLOSER TO YOU Nexia day is an annual event organized by Nexia international to give member firms the opportunity to celebrate its growing network. This is achieved by organizing various activities to explore three of its main values - Enduring relationships, being Business minded and

Nexia Day 2019

Nexia Day is a day celebrated annually by all Nexia member firms in over 115 countries to promote and embed its core values. Here in Nigeria we take conscious and deliberate steps to make this day an impactful and memorable one. Last year we visited

End of year party 2018

Nexia Agbo Abel & Co. had its 2018 end of year party and it was a masked party! After the busy year, It was time to unwind and have a good time. The firm also took the time to recognise loyal and dedicated employees who